A divorce will likely be one of the most traumatic and life-altering events you will ever face. The only thing worse than facing a divorce is facing it alone, our divorce lawyers in Oakville are here to help you.

While there are few things that can ease the pain and emotional exhaustion from a divorce, legal representation by an effective and understanding professional can help you bear the burden. Our divorce lawyers in Oakville offer a personalized approach to your family law situation. We will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the undivided attention you need and deserve.

Whether by way of peaceful resolution or a fight to the end in court, our divorce lawyers in Oakville have the knowledge and experience necessary to advocate for you and fight for the most successful outcome in your case.

The law of divorce and separation is complex and often unclear. Unrepresented litigants frequently find themselves in hot water when the issue escalates beyond their control and their knowledge of the process. When you try to go it alone, you face the possibility that you may not receive what you are legally entitled to, due to a lack of full knowledge of the law. When children are involved, professional and compassionate legal counsel is all the more important. The outcome of a divorce and custody dispute can have a lasting impact on the rest of your life, and the lives of your children.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in helping individuals through complicated divorces, we will assist you in reaching a favorable outcome in your situation. You can count on our divorce lawyers in Oakville when you need a lawyer to represent you in any family law or divorce matter, including child support, spousal support, child custody/child access disputes, division of property, possession of the home and the multitude of other matters that need to be handled in an effective and professional manner. We are here for you when you need a lawyer to advocate for your interests and to protect your property, your assets or your children, during your divorce.

You may only need a basic separation agreement, which is relatively inexpensive when it is not contested. Once that is completed, a simple uncontested divorce can be completed for you. This is also relatively inexpensive and can be done without attendance at court.

It is important that you establish your date of separation, since your assets and debts accumulated throughout the marriage (your net family property) will be equalized based on the date of your marriage/commencement of cohabitation, and date of separation.

If you plan to re-marry, in most cases you must wait at least one year after your date of separation to obtain a divorce. You cannot legally remarry unless you are divorced.

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