Many people start the comprehensive process of estate planning by having a Will drafted. The significance of working with a qualified lawyer in this regard cannot be stressed enough. We can help you to determine how best to protect your estate and secure your family’s future including wills and trusts.

Every adult should make a Will and review it regularly, particularly if their circumstances change, such as they get married, have children or get divorced. Regularly reviewing your current Will is just as important as making one in the first place.

We are pleased to assist and can:
· Advise on whether you need a Will at all

· Take instructions on what you want your Will to do and then examine in detail whether what you want is possible, practical, the likely consequences and alternative solutions

· Draw up your Will putting into effect your particular wishes after taking into account the above

· Advise on possible claims and challenges to the Will

· Advise on the selection of executors, trustees and guardians for minor children

· Agree to be appointed as your executors

· Advise you on Estate Administration Tax liabilities (formerly referred to as probate fees)

· Suggest ways that you can reduce or avoid this liability and the possible benefits and disadvantages of each method

· Advise about appropriate persons to be appointed as the Administrators if there is no Will.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a written document that gives another person the right to act on your behalf, either generally or in specific matters. A power of attorney can enable someone to make decisions with respect to your property or it can allow them to make determinations about your healthcare when you are not able.
We can advise on the most appropriate power to assist you in your particular situation.


A Will alone is sometimes not enough to get your estate planning process in order. A trust is an arrangement in which property is managed by one person or entity for the benefit of another. A trust can allow property to be managed both while you are alive and after your death in accordance with your wishes.

We can advise about whether a trust may be feasible or beneficial in your circumstances and prepare the necessary legal documentation to give effect to your wishes.