When Newmarket residents need the best family law advice, they always turn to Stephen Durbin and Associates. Our Newmarket family lawyers have decades of experience settling complex divorce and custody cases from all over the Greater Toronto Area. Our dedication to finding a fast and efficient solution to every client’s case sets us apart from the competition.


No one ever wants to face the reality of having to go through a painful divorce. Assets need to be divided, documents need to be signed, and custody of any children needs to be settled. Some couples are able to complete a divorce by themselves without any complications. However, most divorces will require some degree of legal assistance to resolve any disputes and ensure both parties are adequately protected. Stephen Durbin and Associates is highly experienced in analysing our clients’ cases comprehensively so that we can understand every detail that requires attention. Our Newmarket divorce lawyers are also trained to keep as many cases as possible out of court, as divorces that need to be heard by a judge can take months and tens of thousands of dollars to complete. Our dedication to saving our clients time and money has made us one of the most trusted family law firms in Newmarket.

Stephen Durbin and Associates has a highly experienced team of local family lawyers that understand the unique needs of our clients. We approach every case with a fresh perspective and bring decades of experience to bear for every client. We are known for our creative thinking and problem solving applied to every case, using unconventional approaches to find solutions that other law firms would be unable to resolve. If you ever have any questions, our Newmarket divorce lawyers are always more than happy to provide you with answers and ensure you are feeling confident about your case.

The last thing anyone wants when they are going through a divorce is to extend the process any longer than it absolutely has to. Heading to court is almost guaranteed to drag divorce proceedings on for months, as court dates need to be set and cases need to be built. Not only does this process take a long time, but it requires a lot more legal assistance and subsequently a lot more money. At Stephen Durbin and Associates, we have a standing policy to keep cases out of courts and resolved as quickly as possible. We understand that divorces are emotionally draining enough without adding financial stress as well. It’s just another way we are committed to providing the best client experience in Newmarket.

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Settlement of child custody can be one of the hardest fought elements of a divorce. There are strict laws that must be adhered to, as well as the wellbeing of the child to take into account. The risk with custody cases is the temptation to head to court to argue in front of a judge. However, this will always result in a case taking longer and costing more money. Stephen Durbin and Associates is intimately familiar with all aspects of Ontario custody law, and we do everything we can to have your case settled outside of the courthouse. This means your case will be resolved sooner, your wallet will be happier, and your children can get on with living their lives.

Custody law can involve a lot of different moving parts and considerations that will affect the outcome. Our highly experienced Newmarket custody lawyers know all the ins and outs of the law, and will be able to offer the best legal advice on how to get the outcome you desire. Custody cases also require a human touch and a sense of compassion as you are dealing with people’s personal lives and those of their children. We understand this, and that’s why we approach every case with the respect and passion it deserves. We do everything we can to keep the emotional and financial impact minimal during a difficult time, so you and your children can move forward with your futures.


Our team of legal experts has been specifically chosen for the diverse range of skills they can bring to each and every case we take on.

Stephen Durbin has been practicing family law for over 30 years, having graduated from York University and the University of Ottawa in both law and accounting. This has given him a wide range of skills he can apply to family law in Ontario and was the basis for him founding Stephen Durbin and Associates. He has hand selected a group of extremely experienced legal professionals that are able to bring the best skills in the business to the firm. We take pride in our collaboration on every case and look for every opportunity to save our clients time, money, and emotional distress.

We always stay on top of the latest trends in Ontario family law to ensure we can offer the most informed and up to date recommendations possible. Our Newmarket family lawyers are constantly reviewing precedents and settled cases to bring the best ideas to the table for our clients.

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Stephen Durbin and Associates specialises exclusively in Ontario family law including divorces and custody agreements. This allows us to offer the most tailored and highly specific legal advice to generate the greatest results for our clients. Unlike other law firms that choose to practice many different kinds of law, Stephen Durbin and Associates focuses solely on family law, meaning our decades of experience are directly related to your case.

Information security is vital in this day and age, and at Stephen Durbin and Associates we treat all our clients’ information with the utmost respect. We value client privacy and confidentiality above all else, and when you trust us with your family law case you can rest assured your information will be secure.

Newmarket residents expect only the best from their divorce lawyers. If you’re looking for the most respected family law firm in the GTA, contact Stephen Durbin and Associates today.

What our clients say

really appreciate all the hard work

Stephen and his team helped my parents settle their divorce ammicably after 20 years of separation! I am glad I didn’t have to mediate or take sides – really appreciate all the hard work that was put into my family’s situation and that we can all put it behind us.

5 Star-Rating Icon Noah

I needed this team

If you are looking for top-quality representation – then Stephen Durbin & Associates is right where you need to be. From day one they gave me peace of mind during a very difficult time in my life. When I had met briefly with Stephen during my consultation, I was told that I could trust them to take care of me with my family law matter. Nazifa Islam and her team – Hope and Chyvonne – were extremely professional, efficient, and completely transparent throughout the entire process. I needed someone attentive. I needed someone to advocate for me and my son. I needed this team – and they exceeded my expectations! They went above and beyond for me and not once made me feel like I was just another “File Number” to them. They were always available when I had questions or concerns, and truly made me feel at ease. Nazifa was brilliant and very knowledgeable; I was lucky to have her by my side. She advised me through my separation agreement, always pursuing not just what I wanted but what was in the best interests of me and my son. The outcome was in my favour. Stephen Durbin & Associates gave me a voice when I felt silenced. Worth every single dime!! I highly recommend

5 Star-Rating Icon

What a difference

What a difference an experienced lawyer does make. With Stephen, It was a legal experience, but it was also therapeutic in some ways because he seemed to know exactly what I was going through and his confidence gave me confidence through the process. Can’t thank him enough. It’s great to move on.

5 Star-Rating Icon George

My go-to lawyer

Stephen is my go-to lawyer during difficult times. His knowledge, wisdom, and expertise is simply unparalleled. He puts you right at ease and knows exactly how to handle any situation. Thank you for all your help.

5 Star-Rating Icon Nancy
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