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Oakville residents have been relying on Stephen Durbin and Associates for years for all their legal needs. Our highly experienced team are experts in all forms of Ontario family law, including divorce settlements and custody arrangements. Our Oakville family lawyers are passionate about resolving our clients’ cases quickly, efficiently, and with minimal financial or emotional impact.


No one ever wants to face the realities of going through a divorce; dividing all your finances, material assets, and child custody is both emotionally draining and expensive. If you don’t have the proper legal counsel during this difficult time, you could lose more than you have to and end up with severe financial burdens. The divorce lawyers at Stephen Durbin and Associates, we understand that human compassion and a strong sense of direction during divorce proceedings are crucial to minimizing the emotional impact of the process. 

Some couples are able to split everything themselves and simply sign the paperwork and be done with it. More often than not, however, a divorce will involve some degree of legal intervention in the form of negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or arguing in court. Heading to court is not something anyone wishes to do, as it will often take months or even years to be resolved and cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages and legal fees. At Stephen Durbin and Associates, we have a company policy to do everything within our power to keep our cases out of the court system. This allows us to resolve cases through effective communication between both parties, experienced negotiation, and arbitration. Not only does this save our clients money, it also saves them months of their lives which would otherwise be spent dwelling on the past.

Being able to finally put a divorce behind you is a goal many people hope to achieve. By trusting the divorce lawyers at Stephen Durbin and Associates, you will be a lot closer to achieving that dream and in a much shorter time frame than with other law firms.

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When it comes to dividing up property and financial assets, most things can be dealt with logically and dispassionately. However, when dealing with the custody rights to children during a divorce, things can get decidedly more complicated. Stephen Durbin and Associates has spent years handling custody cases in all kinds of situations and has found a unique, highly satisfactory solution every time. Our legal experts understand every aspect of Ontario custody law and how to implement it in order to achieve the best outcomes for the children involved. Whatever your case particulars, Stephen Durbin and Associates has the right set of skills and determination to ensure your child’s future is secure.

Custody laws in Ontario are very clear and custody is one of the few things that cannot be covered by a marriage contract. That is why custody cases can often head to court to be heard by a judge if no amicable decision can be made between the parents, costing everyone a lot of time and money. That’s why our team at Stephen Durbin and Associates makes every effort to resolve custody cases before they need to head to the courthouse. Our Oakville custody lawyers are well versed in every detail of the law and every course of action possible for our clients, so they can provide the most informed and experienced recommendations.


Every member of our team has been hand selected because of their excellent record for client satisfaction, dedication to Ontario family law, and minimising the financial burden for each of their cases.

Stephen Durbin has been practicing law for over 30 years, and has developed a keen eye for exactly the kind of Oakville family lawyer you need to achieve the outcome you desire in your case. That’s why he founded Stephen Durbin and Associates and has hired only the best legal minds in the Greater Toronto Area. We believe every case we take on needs to be treated with the same degree of respect and compassion, no matter how big or small the case is. When you trust us with your case, you can rest assured you will receive gold-standard legal represenation with a human touch.

We promote a culture of ongoing education and experience building to ensure we are always abreast of the latest updates and changes to Ontario family law. This means that our Oakville family lawyers are always able to provide the most up to date recommendations and service to give your case the best chance of being resolved quickly and easily.

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Stephen Durbin and Associates specialises exclusively in Ontario family law, which allows us to offer the best service possible in that particular field. As we have dealt with thousands of family law cases in Oakville, we can bring years worth of experience to the table and get you outcomes less specialised law firms couldn’t hope to achieve. Our Oakville family lawyers understand your need for speed and efficiency in order to save time and money during a difficult time. When you trust Stephen Durbin and Associates, you are trusting decades of Ontario family law experience.

We also place a high value of maintaining the strictest level of client privacy and information security during our cases. We ensure every detail of your case is completely confidential and handled with compassion, so you can have peace of mind knowing your information is safe.

If you’re looking for the best Oakville family lawyers, Stephen Durbin and Associates is the law firm for you. Contact us today and let our team of legal experts help you get the outcome you desire.

What our clients say

really appreciate all the hard work

Stephen and his team helped my parents settle their divorce ammicably after 20 years of separation! I am glad I didn’t have to mediate or take sides – really appreciate all the hard work that was put into my family’s situation and that we can all put it behind us.

5 Star-Rating Icon Noah

I needed this team

If you are looking for top-quality representation – then Stephen Durbin & Associates is right where you need to be. From day one they gave me peace of mind during a very difficult time in my life. When I had met briefly with Stephen during my consultation, I was told that I could trust them to take care of me with my family law matter. Nazifa Islam and her team – Hope and Chyvonne – were extremely professional, efficient, and completely transparent throughout the entire process. I needed someone attentive. I needed someone to advocate for me and my son. I needed this team – and they exceeded my expectations! They went above and beyond for me and not once made me feel like I was just another “File Number” to them. They were always available when I had questions or concerns, and truly made me feel at ease. Nazifa was brilliant and very knowledgeable; I was lucky to have her by my side. She advised me through my separation agreement, always pursuing not just what I wanted but what was in the best interests of me and my son. The outcome was in my favour. Stephen Durbin & Associates gave me a voice when I felt silenced. Worth every single dime!! I highly recommend

5 Star-Rating Icon

What a difference

What a difference an experienced lawyer does make. With Stephen, It was a legal experience, but it was also therapeutic in some ways because he seemed to know exactly what I was going through and his confidence gave me confidence through the process. Can’t thank him enough. It’s great to move on.

5 Star-Rating Icon George

My go-to lawyer

Stephen is my go-to lawyer during difficult times. His knowledge, wisdom, and expertise is simply unparalleled. He puts you right at ease and knows exactly how to handle any situation. Thank you for all your help.

5 Star-Rating Icon Nancy
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