When the Courts Close: Alternative Relief During the COVID 19 Pandemic

For the last few weeks and into the foreseeable future, generally speaking and with few exceptions the courts are closed. However, this does not leave parties in family law matters without remedy or unable to resolve their cases. Given the extensive court closures the Chief Justice of Ontario recently called “upon the cooperation of counsel […]


Getting Laid Off During COVID-19

Child and spousal support obligations in the COVID-19 era The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have quickly taken a toll on almost everyone’s physical, mentaland financial well-being. Government regulations enforcing social distancing and closure of all nonessential businesses has resulted in widespread job loss and employment insecurity. This can impact theability to pay child support […]


Custody and Access Considerations in the Face of COVID-19

amidst concerns of proper precautions to insulate the children from COVID-19 exposure, reached the threshold of an urgent matter. As the access status quo was being drastically altered, His Honour found the matter to be sufficiently urgent to warrant the motion proceeding.


Custody, Access and Your Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With a growing number of COVID-19 cases globally, Superior Court of Ontario and Ontario Court of Justice have suspended all regular operations, putting parents and children subject to custody and access orders and agreements in an unprecedented situation. History has never seen this action taken by the courts.  Courts have issued near blanket suspensions of limitation periods effective […]

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