Child Custody and Access

Child custody and access will virtually always be a difficult situation for any given family, specifically for the child or children involved.

Predictably, custody and access are the most sensitive and challenging family law issues to resolve during a divorce and separation.

It is imperative to clarify that you have rights regarding these matters and that Stephen Durbin and Associates has the legal knowledge to ensure these rights are valued and prioritized.

For your own understanding, custody refers to parental decision-making in relation to children in four major areas:

  1. Health
  2. Religion
  3. Education
  4. Major recreational activities

Custody can take many forms, including sole custody where one parent is responsible for decision-making, joint custody where parents make decisions jointly and parallel parenting where each parent is responsible for decisions in particular areas.

Access refers to the physical time parents spend with their children. Arrangements for time spent with children may be dependent on factors such as work schedules, age of the child(ren), lifestyles, wishes of the child, and more.

Courts are primarily concerned with sustaining a stable pattern for the children and encouraging relationships with both parents, where possible.

The lawyers and law clerks at Stephen Durbin and Associates follow these principles meticulously prioritizing the interest of the child(ren) with the least expenditure and distress for you and your family, obtaining the best possible outcome.