Divorce and Separation

We see it in the movies, the media, our loved ones, and just mere acquaintances… Its sizeable presence in society exemplifies that divorce and separation is a veritable reality for many.

Some may believe that there are several motivations for separation and divorce however, in Canada, a breakdown in marriage is the one and only recognized ground for divorce.

Separation does not end a marriage if that is your situation. It occurs when two individuals who have been living together – married or common-law – and decide to live apart.

The definition of a divorce is the formal legal termination of a marriage where the court officially ends a marriage.

If faced with the testing process of said breakdown in marriage, legal advice that responds directly to your needs from a lawyer who understands your distresses is essential. At Stephen Durbin and Associates, we exclusively practice family law and cater to divorce and separation cases exceptionally.

With over 30 years of family law experience, Stephen Durbin can provide insightful advice about how divorce and separation may impact you along with the steps for moving forward.

The federal Divorce Act defines the terms you need to know. A break down in marriage occurs when the spouses have lived separately and apart for at least one year prior to the divorce proceeding. It may also occur when one spouse has committed adultery or acted physically or mentally cruel to the other person to the point where the cohabitation becomes unbearable.

The “one year” of separation includes having been living separately and apart once the divorce proceeding commences and having been separated for at least one year once the divorce is finalized.

Stephen Durbin and Associates understands your unique circumstances and always makes considerations catering to your needs. The client’s superior outcomes related to the support and custody of any children, spousal support, and the conclusions of the finalized decision are our top priority.