Marital Fraud and Hidden Assets

If you are experiencing a breakdown of a relationship, the law in Ontario requires spouses to reveal the sum of their holdings and assets.

A divorce or separation can be an emotional journey in which one partner may no longer want to or choose to disclose this information.

If you have any belief or feeling of doubt in your partner’s honesty about these matters, it is important to consult a knowledgeable family lawyer. Concealment of marital assets is a serious matter that may become a concern when it comes to negotiating any form of support or equalization payments during divorce proceedings.

The lawyers and clerks at Stephen Durbin and Associates are dedicated to your cause and marital fraud is an area of significant concern to us. We hold the necessary skillset required to identify a marital fraud issue and your matter will always be given our complete and personal attention.

We, as a team, are sympathetic to our clients with the knowledge that any divorce or separation is a challenging and sensitive process.

If there is a financial imbalance between spouses, emotional reactions may cause deception about financial standings. For example, one spouse may attempt to conceal their accurate income to circumvent paying reasonable child and spousal support.

It may be wise to make note of signs that a spouse is attempting to hide assets. Look out for unexpected changes in their spending behaviour, loans and withdrawals that may be given away and a lack of clarity in regards to their financial choices.

Hiding this information is a matter of fraud and our lawyers have the knowledge to prove such a transgression. It may be difficult to prove fraud however, if it is suspect, hiring a family lawyer is a measure that can pay off.