Having practiced commercial, civil and class action litigation, Kevin came to Stephen Durbin and Associates with an extensive and varied legal background, choosing to focus exclusively family law.

Managing and advocating a wide variety of matters for clients, including high-conflict and high-value cases, Kevin has proven himself a highly effective and compassionate family lawyer. He regularly advocates on behalf of his clients before the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice, endeavouring always to resolve their matters in the most efficient manner.

Kevin completed his Juris Doctorate in Michigan in 2004. He was called to the bar in New York in 2005 and in Ontario in 2008 and is a member of the New York State Bar and the Law Society of Ontario.

Kevin joined our team in September 2013.

What clients have to say about
Kevin G. Caspersz

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I had been engaged in a 2-year custody dispute with my ex-wife who was desperately seeking to reduce our 50-50 access schedule to one that would have our daughter only see her father 1 out of 14 days, and hiding her income. Her counsel refused to negotiate, was attempting to bankrupt me, and were trying to cause damage to the parental bond I shared with my daughter. I did not know where to turn, but then I sought the assistance of this firm. I am happy to report that thanks to the hard work of the Lawyers and clerks at Stephen Durbin and Associates, and especially Angela Grant-Lee, a final settlement was reached that maintained the equal parenting that our daughter deserved all along. And we did not need to have a costly and emotionally draining trial. Angela and the rest of the Stephen Durbin team outclassed opposing counsel in every way, they were more knowledgeable, wrote briefs more articulately, and were more professional in the courtroom. Thank you from a very happy Father.

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Kevin and Claire are a great team, without a doubt they have taken the burden off my shoulders, I can sleep at night knowing they have my back on this very painful divorce. Claire is meticulous about the details and gets it right the first time. My experience has been a good one so far, I am sure yours will be too. (1/26/17 – LR) Though the case has yet to be fully resolved this is a very good lawyer who explains everything in a very precise manner, leaving no room for doubts. If you are in a difficult divorce with a manipulative person, this is a great person to help. He always answers everything as soon as possible, leaving no room for doubt. If you are Losing focus he always brings it back into perspective and all of it centers around what’s best for the kids. Also eloquent and perceptive. My family and I are very grateful with his and Claire Atkinson’s work, their perfect handling of urgent situations involving kids that could easily have gone out of control. Already tension is minimized which kids can sense, just because they kept things from going crazy. Kevin has been working with me for the past 8 months or so and I am happy to say he has been a pleasure to work with. Kevin knows his stuff and keeps me on point, therefore not wasting my money. The opposing lawyer is a psycho (I’m not kidding) and he is managing her well. I would recommend Kevin if you have a business and difficult opposing counsel.

rating- SDA

I had called a few law offices, the only one who responded quickly was Stephen Durbin and Associates. My lawyer, Kevin Caspersz, my paralegal, Claire Atkinson are so professional! There have been emergency situations regarding my kids, and Kevin and Claire were immediately responsive. The firm has been prompt, handled all inquires in a timely manner so I was never left wondering what was happening. They have worked hard to keep my costs low, and I have been so satisfied with my choice of law firms. I even had an immediate call for general query I had about wills and estates, a totally different matter than my divorce. I was so impressed! I have always appreciated being consulted and listened to by the staff at Stephen Durbin’s firm. I got lost at the courthouse and they even called me back to tell me where to find where I had to be! This is a full service, professional firm, and my lawyer, Kevin Caspersz is amazing. I totally recommend them. JM I utilized Kevin for my separation, although it was an extremely lengthy process, Kevin was helpful, and always available to answer my questions. We successfully wrapped up the process and were able to avoid court. Thank you Kevin for your support and assistance. Kevin helped me out with issues related to child support, the FRO and prolonged angst in dealing with my separation agreement and ongoing court orders. He was very responsive and straight forward in dealing with the matters at hand. Kevin easily assessed the situation and we set a course of action that would put this life changing experience behind me after almost 10 years. His guidance was very helpful in arriving at a fair settlement given an unfair and costly process.

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He thinks creatively, and responds promptly. Always. I am in a high conflict divorce, fighting for my kids, and equality, and Kevin has helped me remain calm and focused. He is completely truthful and respectful, and will tell me when something is imperative to go to court on, or if it can be handled out of court. I have complete trust in Kevin, and I sincerely tell you he will go above and beyond any expectation you have of a lawyer. Kevin will have your back and make you feel like everything is going to be okay. When I couldn’t get an answer from other firms I had called, Durbin and Associates called me in 5 minutes. I met with Kevin, and was so relieved. I 100% endorse him. H.M. I would highly recommend Kevin if you are looking for a family lawyer. I really appreciated how quick he got back to me, always the same day. He gave me excellent advice and I was able to resolve my matter with a postive outcome so I can go on with my life!!! Thank you Kevin for all your work, understanding and patience!!! Kevin provided me excellent service during a lengthy period of time. He responded quickly when needed and provided sound, reasonable advice. His professional manner in an emotionally charged area of law practice is extremely valuable. Much appreciated.

rating- SDA

My Name is Habib, I found Kevin’s professional expertise and knowledge to be very beneficial. He definitely gave me confidence and new hope towards my divorce case involving my daughters. He provided me new ideas and avenues that my previous lawyer had never mentioned. I highly recommend Kevin Casperz to anyone who has family conflicts. Keep up the great work Kevin!! Kevin Caspersz is a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. His ability to rationalize any situation is invaluable. I was facing an up hill battle with my ex-wife, and thanks to Kevin, the playing field was leveled. Kevin is very diligent with returning calls and listening to any situation. I strongly urge anyone looking for a family law lawyer to contact Kevin, you will not be disappointed.

rating- SDA

I could not be happier with the results Kevin and the Durbin team gave me. They put the nails in the coffin of my ex-husband very quickly and was worth every penny.

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