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Family transitions can be challenging but it is important to know that our team is committed to helping you through your family changes.  My experience will  ensure the most streamlined and effortless process as possible.

Rose Fuda

Law Clerk


  • Sheridan College of Applied Arts
  • Legal Administrative Diploma

Rose was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Rose attended Sheridan College, where she completed the Legal Administrative Program.

Rose started her career 30 years ago, specializing in criminal and civil litigation. During the past 15 years, she became actively involved in family law. Rose’s years of experience bring efficiency to the team to ensure the families of SD&A receive the best possible care.

During her personal time, Rose enjoys reading, travelling, and seeing new and beautiful places. Rose enjoys spending time with her two wonderful kids, her “forever puppy,” Stella, and the newest member of her fur family, Remy.

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What our clients say

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really appreciate all the hard work

Stephen and his team helped my parents settle their divorce ammicably after 20 years of separation! I am glad I didn’t have to mediate or take sides – really appreciate all the hard work that was put into my family’s situation and that we can all put it behind us.

5 Star-Rating Icon Noah

What a difference

What a difference an experienced lawyer does make. With Stephen, It was a legal experience, but it was also therapeutic in some ways because he seemed to know exactly what I was going through and his confidence gave me confidence through the process. Can’t thank him enough. It’s great to move on.

5 Star-Rating Icon George

My go-to lawyer

Stephen is my go-to lawyer during difficult times. His knowledge, wisdom, and expertise is simply unparalleled. He puts you right at ease and knows exactly how to handle any situation. Thank you for all your help.

5 Star-Rating Icon Nancy
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