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Articling Student

Shvata began her journey into legal the world when she headed to Ottawa for her undergraduate degree at Carleton University, where she majored in Law & Legal Studies. Shortly after graduation, she worked in an administrative role at a civil litigation firm. She then took her final step into setting off her legal career when she enrolled at Osgoode Hall Law School.

During her time at Osgoode, Shvata explored all different areas of law and enjoyed her time by participating in all varieties of student life. She was the president of Osgoode’s Fashion Law Society, Secretary of the Legal & Literary Society, Orientation Week Captain, and the Vice-President of Events for the South Asian Law Students Association. She quickly realized what spoke out to her and decided she wanted to pursue her legal career in family law.

She knew that every day she would be helping someone where they needed it most…their home. Shvata is excited to be a part of the wonderful team that shares her goals at Stephen Durbin & Associates.

When she is not working, Shvata enjoys watching movies, streaming tv shows, dancing to Bollywood music, planning social events, & exploring local scenic destinations.

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