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Graduating with a degree in philosophy from York University, Stephen prides himself with mastering the works of the most brilliant minds of western civilization, in his final year being awarded a scholarship in academic achievement, thereafter completing his reading of law at University of Ottawa.

Founding this firm only a few years ago, a firm which far outstrips the growth rate of any other family law firm in Canada and now one of the largest in the country, Stephen established client-focused and child-focused standing policies to assist clients through the difficult process of separation and divorce with the lowest possible legal costs while providing the best possible result as quickly as possible, minimizing the impact to their children.

Associates of the firm have been mentored by him to cultivate strength of character and groomed by him to develop mettle: the kind of heart and mind that draws divorce settlements in clients’ favour and wins divorce lawsuits regularly.

Stephen draws from a very broad life, professional and educational experience, causing him to have learned to think “outside of the box”, and infuse this into the firm’s associates, adding significant value to the service provided to clients. He studied accounting into university, providing him deeper insight into complex matrimonial financial matters, and taught several courses at the Bar Admission Course for the Law Society of Upper Canada for some years, in negotiation, trial tactics and professional ethics. His earlier professional years were in general practice with a concentration in family law, thus he brings a general knowledge of many areas of practice to family law, which is greatly assistive in that area of practice. He has advocated for clients at hundreds of hearings, both in court and administrative tribunals.



I was really nervous when I found out that my ex was coming after my assets. I found Stephen after going to a few lawyers and he was very knowledgeable and helpful with regards to my situation. This is definitely the guy to go to if you are in a difficult situation with an ex. Highly recommend him!
After interviewing two other divorce lawyers I consider myself very blessed to have met Stephen Durbin. From our first meeting I felt like I was in expert hands and I am so glad that I had his vast knowledge and wisdom to help guide me through this hugely stressful time in my life! As I had many twists and turns along the way I needed Stephen’s sage advice. What I really appreciated is that Stephen was always such a great resource person when I needed his opinion and he always promptly answered my calls or emails. On one occasion we were to meet for an hour however after he had answered all of my questions he excused himself from the meeting and said that “I did not need to have his clock ticking anymore” and that the junior lawyer could take care of the rest of the meeting. I so appreciated this as some lawyers are known to just keep the clock running and rack up some pretty hefty legal bills. Not with Stephen Durbin! With the skill of a doctor in the Emergency Department he “triaged” my legal situation and helped organize my plan of attack.
His laser focus and mental acuity were a great asset to have on my side to help me wade through the myriad of decisions that were made that day. I am very happy to say that with his dogged perseverance and tenacity we were able to negotiate and “hammer” out a deal and not only did I get everything that I had asked for but he was able to convince the Mediator and Opposing Counsel that I deserved more so I got more than what we were asking for!! This was such a huge relief and the best possible outcome to a long arduous process. Stephen also spent time preparing me “mentally” for my Mediation by carefully laying out my options and different scenarios and also by putting the “fear of God” in me about “Divorce Court!” In the end we avoided going to court by wrapping up everything in one long Mediation day which saved me an “untold” amount of money and more importantly allowed me to remain sane!
Don’t get caught up in the petty “tchotchke” fights, don’t send angry texts or emails to your spouse or put anything in writing that you will regret later and try not to get “hooked” or baited into an argument. Just a few tidbits of advice from someone who is further down the road and walked this painful “Divorce” path and now has better clarity looking back. Prepare for the biggest battle of your life and you had better make sure that you have a strong legal team backing you up. Stephen Durbin is a very committed professional who is very dedicated to providing his clients with the best level of care. He is also a compassionate and caring individual and provided gentle “nudging”along the way to help me see that I needed to look at things in a different way and to let go of certain things that were not that important in the whole scheme of things. There are no “guarantees” when it comes to this nasty Divorce process but by hiring Stephen Durbin you are arming yourself with the strongest legal team possible and equipping yourself with the best to wrest back control of your life and get on the path to emotional freedom!!
It seemed to be going no where before that ! Lucky for me I retained Mr. Durbin to handle my separation. Steve took the time to explain the process and was very clear of what to expect. He was always on top and one step ahead of all matters. With Mr. Durbin’s Knowledge and integrity he secured a positive outcome. I would definitely retain Mr.Durbin in the future should the need ever arise. I was fortunate to work with Stephen, Claire and Melissa for my divorce. In a sea of confusion and intimidation that is Family Law – these three people bring clarity, truth and results. Claire is a passionate and extremely knowledgable legal professional. She is a unique breed and I highly recommend her for any Family Law issue. Stephen and Melissa were excellent at validation and discussing the key issues in the case to find a reasonable resolution. If you have an Family Law matter look no further, this is a unique firm that will help you.
I hired the Durbin team, and quite quickly and without going to court it was resolved. One of the better lawyers i’ve had and one of the few to tell it to me straight i would have no reservations in recomending him to anyone that asks it was tough negotiations with my ex-wife and it went down to the wire. we came out with a settlement WITHOUT having a trial. i dont think the outcome would have been the same if it wasn’t for Stephen Durbin. Thank You
Went through one horrible lawyer first, screwed things up very badly, and wish I had found Stephen first. Stephen works smart, knows his stuff and was sympathetic to me and my situation as his client. My spouse was insanely unreasonable and antagonistic, highly litigiuous to the point of calling for motions for every detail, and Stephen very professionally smoothed out difficult situations where he could. In the end, I got what I wanted which was to parent my children because of a recommendation from Stephen. Dont shop around – I recommend Stephen if you need a family lawyer who will work for you in your best interests. I’m extremely happy with the service Mr Durban and his associates provided. There attention to detail and the way they streamlined my requests and needs were amazing. With custody of my daughter on the line I have all the faith in the world I will get the results we seek. In my opinion this is the best law firm I have used. And have used others at a great expense and with little result. Contacting Mr Durban was the best move I have made in my divorces case.. My experience with family law is that outcomes are not based on right or morality. Over the past six months I have had my expectations of society and the institutions that have been put in place to protect children completely obliterated. The unfortunate truth is that even when a mother has reason and means to protect her children, in today’s society, despite what we might think about putting the needs of children first, it takes thousands of dollars and an effective lawyer like Stephen Durbin to minimize the damage an abusive spouse can inflict on a family. It also takes a certain amount of luck in being signed to a responsive judge in the courtroom. In my humble yet hard-earned opinion, Stephen Durbin earns his good reputation through outstanding, eloquent, and directed communication and argumentation in the court room itself. I will not hesitate to return to Stephen as a client for this reason because he helped to keep my children safe and they are all I care about. Thanksforthesoup…
After two years of frustration unsuccessfully navigating my divorce case, I decided that it was time to change lawyers. Having interviewed numerous highly reputed divorce lawyers, I decided to retain Mr. Durbin. It was the best decision I ever made. Mr. Durbin is a brilliant lawyer. He continues to prove this time after time with his laudable work ethic, meticulousness and conscientiousness. Moreover, Mr. Durbin’s conduct is always highly professional, and even more importantly, highly ethical. This is evident in the manner in which he approaches new situations. He always thoroughly reviews and researches all relevant materials, and then clearly communicates to me all possibilities and potential consequences. Thanks to Mr. Durbin’s diligence and excellent communication skills, I am able to make informed decisions that I feel comfortable with. I can finally put my worries to rest and concentrate on my other priorities (mainly, my Ph.D. studies), knowing that my case is in good hands. I’m so lucky to find Stephen from lawyer’s website after having couple horrible lawyers. He is upfront and honest and did what he could do for his clients, he is a truly master in the courtroom. Under his direction and guidance, I won the case in the court which forced my greedy ex to stop her endless lawsuits finally. Steven is not only an great lawyer, but a great friend, he devoted his heart and soul to my case and supported me at any time I needed. He cares his client sincerely and did his best to save the cost for his clients. I strongly recommend Stephen as a family lawyer, he won’t do anything wrong for you. Thank you Steven for your guidance and support! Henry After having such a terrible lawyer I almost gave up hope. Then I met Stephen. He was professional and inspiring. He made me see my case from a different point of view. There is no reason to consult anyone other than him.
I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. Durbin. Stephen is truly a master in the courtroom. We had a six day custody trial and everyday he amazed my family and I with his knowledge of the law. He was always honest and upfront with me on my chances of success. He devoted his heart and soul into my case and in the end we were successful in gaining joint custody with my home as primary residence and were also awarded a substantial amount of court costs. Stephen is a great person in and outside of the courtroom and is always there when I need him. I highly recommend Stephen Durbin as a lawyer and as a friend. Thank you Stephen. It is important that these reviews are not abused, and are used appropriately. Mr. Durbin (we are related) has been my lawyer in a high conflict Divorce that has lasted several years. He is one of 3 Lawyers that I have had. Each lawyer has received slanderous reviews immediately following a motion or Arbitration that are worded almost exactly the same. There are 2 such reviews dated 4/22/11 and 5/3/12 that are no doubt written by my ex-husband (a lawyer) following motions that he lost (and had high costs awarded to me). I feel it is important that people are aware and careful and think about “who” is writing these reviews. It is fair to say that it was Mr. Durbin’s (and my own) success and my ex-husbands losing (and anger as a result) that ignited these 2 bad emails he wrote on this website. I am writing this in hope that people don’t allow angry ex-husbands to sway their choice in a Lawyer. I have had 2/3 GREAT Lawyers and Mr. Durbin did a phenomenal job for me and for my children I found Stephan to be a very profound person with an understanding of his clients along with the parameters in which he can work with them. Stephan was upfront and honest and did what he could to save money for me as his client even when it would have been very easy to go another route that might have put mire money in his pocket. His honesty and integrity put him in a class of his own in his field.
Spending lots of money and reeling from the service of divorce papers, I foundered about with other lawyers who were no help. Then I found Stephen. He hauled me out of the pit I was in, after being ill–advised by a succession of lawyers, and gave me me hope and a way forward to the point where he secured a capitulationn from the other side and he suceeded in extricating me from a awful situation. My former wife’s lawyer was supposed to be the reigning champion in the area, the name brand for dementedly agrhessive ilawyering, to the detriment of myself, my ex and my children, but Stephen finally brought her her knees after a succession off interim victories, even getting my ex to pay my costs in the process. Highly recommended. It seems he can do no wrong. In August 2011 Steven Represented me for a case conference in Hamilton. Stephen was awesome he was calm,cool and collected my ex was unrepresented so you can imagine what we had to go through and still with plenty of patience he kept his ground stuck to the reason we were there and we came out on top (at a case conference). I look forward to Stephen representing me through the rest of my case I believe he will get me the proper child support I’m suppose to receive. With Stephen’s knowledge,professionalism and confidence going into the court system I actually don’t feel worried going into the next round. Thank you Stephen Durbin for not only looking out for me but for your guidance as well. L Martin Words cannot describe how happy i am with the work Steve has done for me. I have not seen my children in 2.5 years as my ex wife alienated the children from me, my previous 2 lawyers didnt do me any favours with any previous agreements we had, in fact the agreements positioned me further and further away from my children. If you are a parent you can relate how difficult it was for me not to see or hear from my children for 2.5 years. When i met Steve he took my large file became very intimate with my situtation and told me directly you will see and have your children within 4 months. As of today (June 2011) i see my children at all their sporting events (4 -5days a week) and this is only the beginning!!His tenacity,his excellent attention to detail and incredible knowledge to the family law has given me the 2 most important things in my life. Steve you are not only an incredible lawyer, but a great friend, i do not know how i can ever re-pay you. My kids and I thank you so much!
Stephen did some urgent corporate work for my company (license agreements for renewable energy technology) when our corporate counsel was overloaded. He was out of his normal area, but I have still rated him a 5 on Knowledge because he researched the subject so quickly and thoroughly that he actually became MORE knowledgeable on the subject than our in-house guy in just a few days. Awesome! I have never seen a lawyer so dedicated to doing not just a great job but an outstanding one. Thanks Steve – I would hire you again in a heartbeat. Tony H. When I realized my ex-husband (living out of the country) breached my contractual agreement after a lengthy marriage,.. I thought what are my chances to collect?. In a state of confusion I went to Stephen Durbin to review the agreement and he gave me confidence’s to move forward to fight this legal battle, which he thought was a great chance of succeeding. The agreement was complicated plus my ex-husband’s lawyer undesirable, unpleasant, behavior matters and intimidation used to wear me down was at times upsetting. During this legal battle Stephen suggested one of his junior lawyers, which turned out to be wonderful. Stephen was always there to support her and myself when required. At the end we settled thanks to Stephen. My opinion of Stephen is I would highly recommend him. Highly recommended! I have found that Stephen is always very reachable and plays an active role in coaching and giving feedback to his clients. I have had nothing but excellent feedback to say about Stephen for he certainly is the creme de la creme of lawyers and gets the job done.
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